Our Services

We are fully capable to handle and take care of all your prescription needs.

At Al Medina Pharmacy we always carry a large inventory of prescription medications to serve our patients. In order to provide a convenient service for our patients we accept most insurances and managed care health plans with in New York State.


Are you a senior in need of help?

Al Medina offers of value-added service designed with our senior patients in mind. This unique service eliminates the burden of struggling with prescription bottles and the pressure of remembering daily dosages. With our pre pore (blister pack), you will receive your medications in easy-to-open, precalculated plastic pouches. This service is supervised by our knowledgeable pharmacists and overseen by a team of dedicated technicians. These weekly packages are delivered on time to assure that all patients are served without any break down or failures. We even coordinate with the patients and their doctors offices to arrange for refills ahead of time.

If you are interested in signing up for the Pre Pore program please contact us.